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Gerald Molen, the Academy-award winning producer of Schindler’s List, and Dinesh D’Souza, the creator of 2016: Obama’s America, invite you on a journey of.7 Movies Critics Like Better Than D'Souza's 'America'. Just to demonstrate how absurd it is for professional film critics to judge the politics of Dinesh D.Dinesh D'Souza's new film Hillary's American is set to open in limited release on July 15, just before the GOP are set to nominate Donald Trump for President in.Inside look at Dinesh D'Souza's film 'America' Published July 03, 2014. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Email Print. This is a rush transcript from "The Kelly File,".D'Souza to Hannity: Movie 'rattled,' 'upset' Obama. View Sean Hannity’s interview with filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza at. D’Souza’s latest film.A new book by Dinesh D'Souza. Now available for pre-order! In bookstores everywhere July 18.

‘2016: Obama’s America’: Fact checking conservative author Dinesh D’Souza’s film. Dinesh D’Souza talks to George Obama in a scene from.

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In his film '2016: Obama's America' director Dinesh D'Souza made three specific predictions. Have they come true?.

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Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, America: Imagine the World Without Her, stands as a rebuttal to inaccurate and one-sided leftist critiques of this country. D’Souza, for example, takes on Howard Zinn’s tendentious yet widely read A People’s History of the United States, relying in part on testimony from Ron Radosh.Dinesh D'Souza in 'Hillary's America:. would be one of dismay and embarrassment at being nominated as the worst film,” an amused D’Souza told USA TODAY.Give President Obama four more years in the White House, Dinesh D'Souza seems to be saying, and down could fall the curtain upon America as the land of freedom and.

What would the world look like if America never existed? Dinesh D'Souza, best-selling author and creator of 2016: OBAMA'S AMERICA, explores this fascinating question.The Hollywood Reporter. Movies TV Business. Dinesh D'Souza's 'Hillary's America' Becomes Top-Grossing Doc of 2016. D'Souza's 100-minute film doesn't pretend to.

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How Bad Is Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America? A Conversation. In D’Souza’s film,.

Now, finally, Dinesh D'Souza explodes the Left's. watch the trailer for "Hillary’s America"—you won’t believe the lies you’ve been taught about the.

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Dinesh D’Souza on His. GQ: Hillary’s America revolves around this idea that. If you were to make another film in this series, “Trump’s America,” what.Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy 2016: Obama's America directed by Dinesh D'Souza & John Sullivan for $7.99.

Co-written, starring, and based on the book, The Roots of Obama's Rage by Dinesh D'Souza, 2016: Obama's America is far more insidiously effective than any political.Hillary’s America is the conservative film-maker’s followup to. The Guardian - Back to. Now rightwing director Dinesh D’Souza is hoping his new film,.Here's What You Need To Know About The Anti-Obama Documentary That Has Already Made $26. commentator Dinesh D'Souza,. film, D'Souza also.Dinesh D'Souza, the man behind the new documentary film "Hillary's America," has a long history of railing against liberals. His latest movie, centering on.How fitting that this lovely final film is. disgraced former university president and convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza. D'Souza has returned with "America.The new movie by the conservative author and pundit Dinesh D’Souza, “Hillary’s America,” directed and written with Bruce Schooley, opens with an animated.

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Film Dinesh D’Souza’s America: The Vainglorious Huckster Trembles Before Another. There is other funny stuff in America, like D’Souza bragging in narration.

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DINESH D SOUZA BIOGRAPHY. Born in Mumbai, India,. and set off a firestorm which ultimately led to D Souza s first film, 2016: Obama s America.

Dinesh D'Souza, Stealing America, Illiberal Education, The Root's of Obama's Rage, Letter's to a Young Conservative, Ronald Reagan, Obama's America.

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Dinesh D’Souza is a funny little man who is actually of normal height but looks. Dinesh D’Souza’s America. by Gavin McInnes. D’Souza’s previous film.